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Money Challenge Saving Guide

“Nung nabasa ko yung about 52-week money challenge nung 2015 sa blog ni Kuripot Pinay sinubukan ko lang at nag-enjoy naman ako sa idea na mag-save ng small amount per week.” Jb shares in an interview with FHM. “Sa una madali sya since small amount pa lang. Naramdaman ko yung hirap ng challenge nung nasa gitna na ako, na more than 1k per week ang kailangan i-save.”

He adds: “Ang maganda kasi dito nade-develop yung way mo ng pag-iipon, na dapat magtipid ka o kaya iwas sa pag pagbili ng mga bagay na di mo naman kailangan. Iba din sa pakiramdam pag nagagawa mo yung challenge every week.”

Jb also advises that you don't need to start from a big saving amount if your budget doesn’t permit it. “Choose a weekly increment that suits you. Magsimula kayo sa amount na komportable kayo.”

1-Peso Increment

5-Peso Increment

10-Peso Increment

20-Peso Increment

50-Peso Increment

100-Peso Increment


"Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning", the show is a REACT Special, where reactors from Kids, Teens and Elders React have to watch a series of videos and must try not to laugh or smile.

REACT is a channel run by the Fine Brothers, known for their React series on their main channel, TheFineBros. The REACT channel was released on the 27th of July, 2014, and has reactors from Kids React, Teens React and Elders React who game, give advice, give opinions, break down lyrics and occasionally, React specials, which also features young adults. Bonus videos from TheFineBros and React Remixes are also released on the REACT channel.

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President Duterte: "My statement is full of sarcasm"

The Catholic Church has been critical of Duterte’s drug war, which is marked by summary killings and human rights violations.

Duterte blasted the Catholic Church anew after the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines and other churches, including the Redemptorist Church in Baclaran, launched exhibits of photos of summary killings under Duterte’s bloody drug war.

In response, Duterte threw insults at the Church during the Christmas party of 2,000 barangay captains and councilors in his hometown Davao City yesterday.

“You say Duterte killer. You priests, you blame me for the death of thousands of drug addicts, even those who died in hospitals, you still blame me. But you are the ones who killed Christ,” Duterte said. 

The President also claimed that the Catholic Church has been so hypocritical of his drug war and yet it has not lifted a finger to help the more than four million drug addicts in the country despite collecting large amounts of money during mass.

“They always shout in protest and yet they did not do anything against illegal drugs. They never bothered to help,” he said.

“There is something new these days. Iglesia ni Duterte naay bag-o. Walay bawal-bawal puwede lima ka asawa. Pero saw-a ang problema (Iglesia ni Duterte, where there is no prohibition, you can even have five wives. But make sure you are responsible for your problems).

“The Church is not giving anything even if they collect so much. My statement is full of sarcasm because they (priests) have been criticizing me. They are hypocrites,” he added.

Duterte also said that he believes there is a God and he believes in Allah, but he does not believe in religion, particularly the Catholic Church because it is sowing fear among its faithful about the existence of heaven and hell. 

“Do not believe it. That is what that religion is all about, they are instilling fear that you will go to hell if you are a sinner. But you will only know if there is indeed a hell if you die,” the President said. 

Duterte told barangay officials to wait for him to die because he would come back and tell them if there is really heaven or hell.

“Be careful about religion, it is about gold. It is about gold. They have not done anything. Where is their God and their grace? There is the hypocrisy of it all,” he said.

“Body of Christ sa inyong igit (in your poop),” the President added.

Duterte also likened the Catholic Church to the United States under President Barack Obama, the United Nations and the Commission on Human Rights that have all called his attention to the rising number of summary killings in the drug war.

“America did not do anything for the four million Filipino addicts. And they even scold me,” he added.

The President claimed he knows the Catholic Church so well since he studied at Cor Jesu College in Digos City, Davao del Sur and at the Ateneo de Davao University, where he was taught about mortal sin and venial sin. 

“Catholic is a sordid religion. It is about time to show you its history. There were popes who sired a child and even had sex with his child, that was Pope Leo,” the President claimed.

“Why? Is there a God who is evil who makes hell?” he further asked. 

He also urged Filipinos not to believe in the priests blessing the dead with holy water. He noted that the faithful even pay for the rites as well as for the holy water. 

“Basbas basbas kayo diyan. Eh, galing lang naman yang tubig niyo sa Davao City Water District (You keep on blessing. Yet the water you use is from Davao City Water District),” he added.

Duterte: No blessing, no hero’s burial for me

Duterte also said that he does not want his remains to be blessed by a priest.

He wants his body to be cremated within 24 hours after his death just like what was done to the remains of his mother Soledad in 2012.

“Cremate me within 24 hours. And there should be no blessing of holy water. I do not hold on to anything. If I go, I go,” he said.

“Spare me the drama of all those ceremonies. I do not like it, nakokornihan ako (I find it corny),” he added.

And despite being president, Duterte said he does not want to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, where Duterte allowed dictator Ferdinand Marcos to be buried despite public outrage over the hero’s burial for one whose regime committed plunder and atrocities.

“Do not bury me there at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, sa kanila na lang ’yan (give it to them),” Duterte said.

~ Edith Regalado December 29, 2016

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'Felix Manalo’ Big Winner at 64th Famas Awards

Best Film
  • A Love Affair​​ – Star Cinema
  • A Second Chance ​– Star Cinema
  • Angela Markado​ – Oro De Siete Films / Viva films
  • Ari: My Life with a King - Holy Angel University/ Center for Kapangpangan Studies/CMB Studios
  • Crazy Beautiful You​ – Star Cinema
  • WINNER: Felix Manalo​​ – Viva Films
  • Para sa Hopeless Romantic​ – Star Cinema / Viva Films
  • Silong – Film Laboratories Inc. / Black Maria Pictures
  • Tragic Theater – Viva Films
  • You’re My Boss ​- Star Cinema

Best Director
  • Andoy Ranay​​ – Para sa Hopeless Romantic
  • Antoinette Jadaone​ –​ You're My Boss
  • Carlo Encisco Catu​ – ​Ari: My Life with A King
  • Carlo J. Caparas​ – ​Angela Markado
  • Cathy Garcia-Molina​ – ​A Second Chance
  • WINNER: Joel Lamangan​ – Felix Manalo
  • Mae Czarina Cruz​ – Crazy Beautiful You
  • Nuel C. Naval​​ – ​A Love Affair
  • Roy Sevilla Ho and Jeffrey Hidalgo​ – ​Silong
  • Tikoy Aguiluz​​ –Tragic Theatre

Best Actor
  • Coco Martin​​-​You're My Boss
  • Daniel Padilla​​-​Crazy Beautiful You
  • WINNER: Dennis Trillo​​-​Felix Manalo
  • Francisco Guinto​-​Ari: My Life with A King
  • James Reid​​ – ​Para sa Hopeless Romantic
  • John Estrada​​ –Tragic Theatre
  • John Lloyd Cruz ​– ​A Second Chance
  • Paolo Contis ​​– Angela Markado
  • Piolo Pascual ​​– Silong
  • Richard Gomez ​– A Love Affair

Best Screenplay
  • Antoinette Jadaone and Yoshke Dimen​ -​You're My Boss
  • WINNER: Bienvenido Santiago​​​​-​Felix Manalo
  • Carlo J. Caparas​​​​ -​Tragic Theatre
  • Carmi G. Raymundo, Vanessa R. Valdez and Cathy Garcia-Molina​ - A Second Chance
  • G.M. Coronel​​ - ​Tragic Theatre
  • Maan Dimaculangan, John Christian Nicolas, Bianca B. Bernardino and Carmi Raymundo​ -​ Crazy Beautiful You
  • Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario and Mary Rose Colindres - Para Sa Hopeless Romantic
  • Robby Tantingco Ari: My Life with A King
  • Roy Sevilla Ho - Silong
  • Vanessa R. Valdez -​ A Love Affair

Best Theme Song
  • WINNER: "Ang Sugo ng Diyos sa mga Huling Araw" Performer: Sarah Geronimo from the movie Felix Manalo
  • "I'll Never Go" Performer: Erik Santos from the movie A Second Chance
  • "Your Love" Performer: Arnel Pineda from the movie A Love Affair
  • "Baby I Need Your Loving" Performer: Harana from the movie You're My Boss
  • "Ikaw" Performer: Yeng Constantino from the movie Para Sa Hopeless Romantic
  • "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now". Performer: Daniel Padilla and Morisette Amon from the movie Crazy Beautiful You
  • "With Whom". Performer: Kitchie Nadal from the movie Silo

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