Friday, January 1, 2010

Doctor Manhattan Versus?

Dr. Manhattan (Dr. Jon Osterman)

Dr. Manhattan is the only character with super powers, though his powers are so advanced that they make him nearly a god. His main power is control over sub-atomic particles and forces; this gives him powers including matter transformation, teleportation and creating multiple copies of himself. He can also survive on the surface of Mars, without oxygen. Perhaps the superpower that most defines his personality, is that he can see all along his own personal timeline at once, past and future intersecting, unless something interferes. The only thing known to interfere with his ability to see the future are tachyons, high-energy particles that travel backwards though time, which could be made by nuclear detonations on a global scale (Ozymandias uses custom-made tachyon-emitters in satellites and at his Antarctic base specifically to trick Dr. Manhattan into thinking that a nuclear war was imminent). Dr. Manhattan is not omniscient, however, only knowing the past and future as it has or will occur for himself. This power to see the future is perhaps the greatest, and only practical, limit to Dr. Manhattan's powers: he does not take action or interfere because he knows that he will not, and feels and as powerless to change the future as a normal person can change what they did yesterday. The result is that the most powerful man in the world, the literal super-man, has become indifferent to human concerns and feels increasingly less desire to interfere in human events.