Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kip Kay Hacks, Pranks & How-to's


KipKay posts his gadget-creating, exclamation point laden, sometimes dangerous, and often scientifically dubious videos as a way to generate ad revenue. He creates easy to follow How-To videos most viewable on sites such as YouTube. Internet video viewers and home-handymen have relied on his instructional videos in recreation of devices to better their personal quality of life, built mostly from around the house objects. Unfortunately, doing so could be dangerous and expensive, as his videos are often wrought with factual errors. For instance, in a video about increasing the efficiency of a car's engine, he claims that adding acetone to its gasoline provided a boost in fuel economy. This is based on hearsay, and has been disproven scientifically. Many viewers question the scientific validity of KipKay's other claims as well.

Kip Kay creates videos for the common person to understand how to build useful gadgets. He currently (11/2009) has over 68 million YouTube views for his Channel videos since 2006 and nearly 100 million views worldwide. His latest videos include The World's Loudest Alarm Clock, Guard Dog Burglar Alarm, and Blu-Ray Laser Phaser. He simplifies technology for the common person to understand, and which would be interesting to the common man, and puts it into a short, easy to understand video. He is an inventor of numerous gadgets. One of the more popular recent videos is called a "Laser Flashlight Hack". On MetaCafe alone, this video has been viewed over 3.1 million times, and over 6 million worldwide. The International Laser Display Association issued a warning specifically about the Laser Flashlight Hack.

"Kip Kay" is a nickname for Kip Kedersha. He was Born in Short Hills, New Jersey. After working with a local cable company for many years, Kip worked his way into video production shooting commercials for local companies. A self-taught “tinkerer,” Kip realized he could fuse his interest of electronics and video production by creating how-to videos on the internet. Initially finding his success on Metacafe, Kip found a greater fan base on YouTube. Metacafe began the Producer Rewards program and Kip Kay rose to the top becoming the Top Producer earning over $120,000 for his videos on that site. After the first 20,000 views, each additional 1,000 views earned Kip $5. (Dec. 31, 2007)

Kip Kay’s popularity has led to an in-person television appearance on the DIY Network TV Show, "Garage Mahal" as a featured gadget guy in the "Home Theatre Garage" . His videos have also been featured on a special segment on the Science Channel TV show, Brink.

On January 15, 2010, he announced a competition. He will give away a fully functional Google Nexus One, probably. It may also be a way to get more subscribers for his YouTube channel.

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