Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WarStorm Tips for Noobies

tip no. 1 : always follow the tutorial and read before clicking the button.

tip no. 2 : try to complete the campaign and single player mission. there is so much coins, experience and strategy deck to use there.

tip no. 3 : as long as you can hold on the battle, try not to buy card/card packs. save coins.

tip no. 4 : at first, try to buy squads deck, as far as i know they have a perfect build for some strategy uses.

tip no. 5 : the way i see, to have a higher level, the higher chance to have some rare cards, (excluding campaign bundles)

tip no. 6 : best packs to buy to have some hero and rarity cards: expert pack

tip no. 7 : add some friends in the game. friends added to the game have a coin percent to your account. and have a higher coins reward if you beat them in the battle

tip no. 8 : always play and learn some strategy from your opponent.

tip no. 9 : and last tips for now. add me, give a gift and be bless har har har!!!

~ Prince Huntu