Thursday, February 11, 2010

WarStorm in Facebook

FB Warstorm Beta does not have the following... (yet):

War Report & History
Auction House
Tier colors do not appear when viewing your squads at the bottom, all display as T2
Ordered Battles
Player Battles
5/6s in ladder matches (Only goes up to 4)
Only 12 Squad slots (Regular Warstorm has 16)
Loads of achievements (Has: 10, 1 for each faction, 1 for each set of squads 1-4, and total ladder wins.)
Lots of packs (At the moment only Expert and Novice are available)
A couple campaigns missing Merc/Monsters. (I do believe once you do buy the campaigns other achievments for those campaigns will unlock/display - if someone purchases them please let me know.)

The Starters Guide

First thing you should do is to Link your Facebook with Warstorm. (You get an achievement and a special card when you do this.) (

Then Invite some friends to join Warstorm. (Opens another achievement + Special card). You get REWARD points for each friend invited (500) and for each friend who signs up you get more (1,500).

If you have cash to spend, do so NOW to get some CCS! If you plan to start free the next thing you should do is do some Trialpay offers. This will get you the all powerful "Challenge Coins" (CC). ( I suggest to avoid most Surveys as they only sometimes work and you only get 4, Do a credit check trial / eMusic trial (free, just need a credit card then cancel before they start charging you) or if you planned to purchase something thats on there get it through them and also get challenge coins.) -Note: A CC is worth 1 US Quarter, 25 cents. So you know when you go buy a value meal for $5 or go see a movie for $11, that can get you 20-50 challenge coins right there which will get you started MUCH faster than doing it the Free player way, but the choice is definitely yours.-

Once you've done this head over to the Marketplace and go to the Combo Deals and get some Campaigns! These will give you 14 cards + 10 good packs by achievements once you complete it. (you'll also get some more novice packs as well.) At the moment the cheapest and best deal is the Elf Campaign so definitely start with this, but get as many as you can!

By this time you should be on the right track to where you understand the game better, can barter off some of your cards or do some trading to get better. Hope this has helped you. And if you feel the need to give back for the info i wont argue, just propose a trade of CC's, Coppers or random cards Best of luck!

New Traders! - This is a warning to all new players who look to trade. Warstorm has a LOT of quality good people on here, but there ARE scammers who will try to jip you off some of your cards! I dont say this to put you in fear of trading , but do a little research before just trading off with people. I will give you some helpful hints in the FAQ below on 'How can i avoid scammers?'.

Note: You can NOT trade Novice cards or Achievement cards. So going into the marketplace offering to sale/trade your cards when you don't have any just wastes everyones time.