Friday, May 7, 2010

Warstorm Card Abilities Guide List


A card with "all" after a certain ability will target all friends or opponents depending on whether the ability is offensive
or defensive.

Hero: Yauba Ascendant

Unit: Horrid Marsh, Nightmare

Spell: Beacon of Light, Bloodlust, Call of Blood, Choking Cloud, Contagion, Flame Wave, Ground, Harry, Ice Storm,
Invigorate, Madness, Mobilize, Poison Cloud, Rust, Summer Festival, Timeshift, Touch of Life, Weaken, Windstorm

Artifact: Book of Faces, Plague Sigil, Poison Sigil, Wind Whistle


The unit receives a bonus if the faction to which it is allied is also in play on its side of the playing field. An elf ally gains "Heal 2", a demon ally gains "Firebreath 1", a human ally gains "Whirlwind", an orc ally gains "+2 Attack" and an undead ally gains "regenerate 2".
Hero: Melgor Triumphant, Nalinai Demonfriend

Unit: Banuur Blademaster, Blade Golem, Blade Mage, Burning Warrior, Cinder Troll, Corrupted Healer, Darkforge Dwarf,Dwarven Miner, Flame Spirit, Griffon, Hellfire Warrior, Impish Diplomat, Paladin of Light, Skeleton Warrior, Steam Mage,Warwolf, Wind Spirit, Wretched Assassin

Spell: None

Artifact: None


The unit has a 50% chance of returning to the staging area, allowing it to go on the field again. Since it reanimates on an off turn, if it has an even timer, it usually won't be able to attack the first turn when it's on the field again.
Hero: Argol the Risen, Vostag the Diseased

Unit: Armor Golem, Blade Golem, Bone Archer, Bone Chainer, Bone Dragon, Bone Golem, Bone Horror, Crackbone Golem,Dark Horseman, Decayed Knight, Flesh Golem, Iron Maiden, Polished Golem, Severed Hands, Skeletal Marksman, Skeleton Warrior, Stick Golem

Spell: Antimagic Storm, Atrocity, Ball Lightning, Battle Standard, Blizzard, Charge, Choking Cloud, Contagion, Magma Blast,Necromancy, Touch of Life, Unsummon, Windstorm

Artifact: None


Archery units do double damage to infantry, and flying units
Hero: Aradaan Flametongue, Aradaan Silverhair, Landen Hawkeye

Unit: Aanden Horsebow, Aanden Venombow, Bone Archer, Captured Hill Giant, Cultist of Aradaan, Dolorous Archer, Faithful Archer, Hired Archer, Icebow Archer, Red Tide Slinger, Shield Rider, Silvintri Archer, Silvintri Marksman, Skeletal Marksman,Vistav Shardbow

Spell: None

Artifact: Silvintri Longbow


Kills one random enemy in play.
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: Assassinate, Cataclysm

Artifact: None


Gives the unit a higher base attack.
Hero: None

Unit: Aanglor Lancer, Faithful Silverback, Hired Bully, Red Tide Scout, Red Tide Spearman, Snow Leopard, Twilight Warrior,Two-Headed Giant

Spell: Bloodlust, Champion, Mobilize, Sanctuary

Artifact: Blade of Weakness, Book of Faces, Conquerer's Axe, Crown of Flames, Dragonslayer's Sword, Dull Knife,Gruesome Blade, Hammer, Khronan Rum, Kirdanaan Darkshield, Potion of Rage, Putrid Dagger, Scepter of Command,Silvintri Longbow, Sword of Prowess, Talisman of Yauba, Wounding Blade

Attack Morale

Does direct damage to your opponent's morale.
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: Friend to Foe

Artifact: None


Upon being attacked, a unit with berserk will gain damage
Hero: Bogar the Berserk, Urich, Harkaan Exile

Unit: Dwarven Berserker, Enraged Yeti, Hired Berserker, Raging Berserker, Red Tide Berserker, Wall of Fire, Zombie Berserker

Spell: None

Artifact: None


Blast hits all enemies doing damage to them.
Hero: Desirhalic Reborn, Firestarter Arfalas

Unit: Abtu-Kahn Priest, Abtu-Kahn Worshipper, Deshir Drake, Firemane Demon, Hellfire Mage, Rebellious Drake, Silvintri Mage, Vistav Mutant

Spell: Blast, Magma Blast

Artifact: Aseti Book of Fire, Flame Sigil, Lich King's Crown


Block stops damage from an attack from happening, additionally, if a unit that causes poison damage attacks a unit with block, and does 0 damage, the poison doesn't happen
Hero: Archmage Valenti, Sicilis St onefist

Unit: Aanglor High Guard, Aanglor Knight, Aanglor Veteran, Aanglor Warmaiden, Aanglor Warsmith, Armor Golem, Clockwork Golem, Dwarven Lorespeaker, Heavy Cavalry, Heavy Pikeman, Mercenary Sergeant, Mountain Goat, Paladin of Light, Red Tide Shield, Sarah, Shield Rider, Stone Giant, Stone Sentinel, Wretched Wanderer

Spell: Favorable Winds

Artifact: Conquerer's Axe, Kirdanaan Darkshield, Lich King's Crown, Mithril Shield, Tower Shield


Units gain bonus attack power until the end of the turn.
Hero: None

Unit: Dragoncult Imp, Giant Cave Bat, Ill-Fated Warrior, Pseudodragon, Red Tide Bootlicker

Spell: Bloodlust, Bloodthirst, Champion, Madness

Artifact: None


Causes an enemy unit to burn, making it lose 1 life after attacking.
Hero: None

Unit: Nightmare

Spell: Ignite

Artifact: None

Chain Zap

Chain zap deals damage to a random enemy, and all enemies sharing a name with it
Hero: Faraz the Summoner

Unit: Dwarven Cannoneer, Estian Wizard, Silver Summoner, Silvintri Boltmage, Vengeful Mage

Spell: Chain Zap

Artifact: Stormcannon


All units of the same type of the card with command, other than the card with the ability, gain an attack bonus.
Hero: Aradaan Silverhair, Arlen, Silver Knight, Badial, Bevus, Delnor Giantkiller, Gorfang Trollking, Grymish the Mad, Katrina Aloft, Kulnar Demonfriend, Lord Yauba, Princess Katrina, The Unnamed One, Yauba Ascendant

Unit: Grey Summoner, Mercenary Captain, Orcish Firecracker

Spell: None

Artifact: Book of Faces, Lance of Faith, Orb of Dragonkind, Scepter of Command, Treasure Chest

Death Aura

Makes the enemy unit to be cursed, causing it to have a 50% chance to miss.
Hero: Azuba the Deathlord, Bobenlik

Unit: Baanur Cultist, Decaying Behemoth, Larva Fiend, Void Hound, Wall of Souls, Whispering Ghost

Spell: Curse

Artifact: Cursed Medallion, Talisman of Yauba


Demoralize deals damage to the enemy's morale (red bar on the side).
Hero: Skoreg, Exiled

Unit: Aanden Sunsword, Ancient Silverback, Blazing Sunsword, Catapult Crew, Sunsword Captain, Vision of Yauba, Warwolf

Spell: Apocalypse, Atrocity, Demonic Ritual

Artifact: King Draeth's Flail


Peforms an ability when the card enters play.
Hero: Cam, Zombie Master

Unit: Cavetrap Spider, Dragoncult Imp, Elvish Voidwalker, Estian Sniper, Giant Cave Bat, Grave Spawn, Pseudodragon, Red Tide Bootlicker, Totem Warrior, Troubadour

Spell: None

Artifact: None


Destroys a certain amount of type of cards.
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: Antimagic Storm, Avalanche, Change the Guard, Magic Vortex

Artifact: None


Destroys 1 friend with the lowest health each action, gaining +2 attack and +2 health. If it cannot devour it will lose -2 health and -2 attack.
Hero: Desirhalic Reborn

Unit: Balor, Corrupted Ape, Devouring Behemoth, Gnashing Mouther, Grave Binder, Grave Eater, Hungry Warrior, Priest of Aradaan

Spell: None

Artifact: None


Disease causes the enemy to lose one extra health, and 1 attack, but only once.
Hero: Dunun the Defender, Vostag the Diseased

Unit: Corpse Catapult, Dirty Rotten Zombie, Diseased Wolf, Festering Troll, Pestilence Rat

Spell: Contagion, Plague

Artifact: Plague Sigil, Putrid Dagger


Drain regenerates health equal to the damage it deals to the enemy.
Hero: Lady Raiven, Natu the Embalmer

Unit: Abtu-Kahn Acolyte, Abtu-Kahn Priest, Abtu-Kahn Worshipper, Black Drake, Black Hatchling, Swamp Witch, Vampire

Spell: None

Artifact: Soul Leech


Drainbolt, as the name suggests, drains a bolt of health from a random enemy doing both damage and healing the user for the amount of damage done.
Hero: Azuba the Deathlord, Gormihaagos

Unit: Baanur Darkmage, Baanur Death Priest, Black Dragon, Kulnar Deathmage

Spell: None

Artifact: Sigil of Azuba


After death, it does damage to the unit across from it and to the units directly to the left and right of it.
Hero: Skarg Bonesmasher

Unit: Battle Wagon, Deshir Hatchling, Engorged Imp, Firebomb Trap

Spell: None

Artifact: Ticking Pack


Each action, causes opposing and adjacent enemies to lose 1 attack for 1 turn.
Hero: None

Unit: Cave Troll, Cursing Shaman, Larva Fiend, Patch Warrior, Spider Swarm, Terrifying Wight, Totem Warrior

Spell: None

Artifact: None


Does a random amount of damage, ranging from 1-3+ depending on the unit with the ability.
Hero: Agmog the Firelord

Unit: Baanur Flame Priest, Firemage of Grymish

Spell: Flame Wave

Artifact: Burning Orb, Sigil of Agmog


Firebreath causes a little damage, and at the same times gives the enemy the flaming icon, causing it to lose health each turn
Hero: Raganash, Raganash Enraged

Unit: Dragonspawn Imp, Firetrap, Red Dragon

Spell: None

Artifact: Ring of Firebreath


Flaming happens when you attack, or are attacked by a unit with flaming; it will deal one damage each turn until the unit dies
Hero: Agmog the Firelord, Bithkin

Unit: Burning Imp, Firemane Demon, Fireshroud Cultist, Flame Dancer, Flaming Behemoth, Grassfire, Hellfire Mage, Hellfire Warrior, Patch Warrior, Red Drake, Red Hatchling

Spell: None

Artifact: Crown of Flames


Flying units can only take damage from special abilities, archers, and other units with flying
Hero: Cirrusaliosa, Gormihaagos, Katrina Aloft, Matimilopeotryx, Raganash, Yauba Ascendant

Unit: Balor, Black Dragon, Black Drake, Dragonbone Rider, Giant Bat, Giant Cave Bat, Giant Eagle, Griffon, Nightmare,Nightwing Imp, Pegasus Rider, Pseudodragon, Red Dragon, Red Drake, Vampire Spawn, Vision of Yauba, White Dragon,White Drake

Spell: Avalanche, Ground, Levitate, Windstorm

Artifact: Ring of Flight


Upon attacking, a unit with frenzy will gain increased damage
Hero: Pozak at Bay

Unit: Aanden Wolverine, Blackpaw Grizzly, Blade Barrier, Grymish Myrmidon, Hungry Wolf, Owlbear, Warpig, Werewolf

Spell: None

Artifact: War Brew


Certain cards will gain a new ability when these cards come into play.
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: Favorable Winds, Power Drain, Shoulder to Shoulder

Artifact: None

Gain Morale

heals moral damage (red bar on the side)
Hero: None

Unit: Dwarven Lorespeaker, Troubadour

Spell: Battle Standard, Rally, Strength in Numbers

Artifact: Gold


This card will give health or attack to other friendly cards in play.
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: None

Artifact: Anvil, Hammer


While in play, adjacent friends gain +2 health
Hero: None

Unit: Dwarven Guardian, Guard Wolf, Stone Sentinel

Spell: None

Artifact: Tower Shield


Harass increases the ready of one of the opponents cards
Hero: Bevus

Unit: Estian Saboteur, Gormic Swamps, Voidcaller

Spell: Harry, Timeshift

Artifact: Korro's Crystal Ball


Heal heals damage to an ally equal to the number beside the ability's name
Hero: Archaeologist Arugi, Catii the Reanimator, Enyi on the Brink, Light Priestess Enyi

Unit: Aanden Herbalist, Aanden Priest, Courtier Imp, Estian Battle Cleric, Estian Cleric, Faithful Healer, Hired Healer, Norag Shaman, Silvintri Loremaster, Swamp Witch, Unicorn Maiden, Vistav Yeti , Wandering Bard

Spell: Beacon of Light, Demonic Wedgie , Invigorate, Mobilize, Shoulder to Shoulder, Summer Festival, Touch of Life, Turning the Tide

Artifact: Amulet of Health, Anvil, Cask of Celebration, Chalice of Healing, Diadem of Light, Khronan Rum


Gives a boost to the units base health
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: Mobilize, Shoulder to Shoulder

Artifact: Amulet of Health, Anvil, Cask of Celebration, Chalice of Healing, Khronan Rum

Ice Armor

Ice armor reduces all direct attack damage to 1. Abilities still do full damage.
Hero: Gishagul the Icelord

Unit: Corrupted Healer, Frozen Behemoth, Iceling, Snow Demon

Spell: None

Artifact: None


Icebolt deals a certain amount of damage, and has a chance to "freeze" the enemy, causing them to miss there next attack
Hero: Cirrusaliosa, Gishagul the Icelord, Matimilopeotryx

Unit: Baanur Ice Priest, Frostburn imp, Ice Basilisk, Icemage of Aradaan, Steam Mage, White Dragon, White Drake, White Hatchling

Spell: Blizzard, Ice Storm, Nature's Wrath

Artifact: Sigil of Gishagul


Units with immune take absolutely no damage from special abilities from the enemy
Hero: None

Unit: Baanur Ritualist, Earthworks, Hound of Yauba, Iron Maiden, Mirror Contraption, Mist Stalker, Shadowtail Demon, Tomb Stalker, Treehold

Spell: None

Artifact: Demon Lord's Chain, Helm of Absorption

Increase Burn

Burning enemies suffer 3 damages.
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: Raging Flames

Artifact: Bellows


Cannot be damaged for 3 turns.
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: Mist Form

Artifact: None

Lose Morale

Lose Morale deals damage to your own morale (red bar on the side).
Hero: Skoreg, Exiled

Unit: Basilisk, Bone Horror, Flame Dancer, Hired Archer, Hired Assassin, Hired Bandit, Hired Berserker, Hired Brute, Hired Bully, Hired Healer, Hired Pikeman, Hired Pit Fighter, Hired Stormbolter, Mercenary Captain, Mercenary Sergeant, Rebellious Drake, Snapping Hydra, Spider Swarm, Stone Giant, Storm Giant

Spell: Apocalypse, Madness, Weaken

Artifact: Sigil of Agmog, Sigil of Azuba, Sigil of Gishagul

No Enemy Attacks

Your enemy is not allowed to attack as long as this card is in play.
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: Sanctuary

Artifact: None

Pay Life

A new addition to the mercenary set, pay life does exactly what it says, you pay however much life it says, before attacking, but after other ability's.
Hero: Enyi on the Brink, Pozak at Bay

Unit: Blazing Sunsword, Clockwork Golem, Deadfall, Faithful Archer, Faithful Healer, Faithful Mage, Faithful Silverback, Field of Spears, Firetrap, Raging Berserker

Spell: Power Drain

Artifact: Corpse Candle, Flame Sigil, Lightning Sigil, Plague Sigil, Poison Sigil, Potion of Rage


Pikeman deal double damage to cavalry
Hero: None

Unit: Aanden Spearman, Aanglor Pikeman, Dragonbone Rider, Heavy Pikeman, Hired Pikeman, Red Tide Spearman

Spell: None

Artifact: None


Hit's the enemy with poison, causing them to lose health after their next action.
Hero: Argkrond the Filthy, Nalinai Demonfriend, Nalinai Poisonblade, Sillikiatrix, Yorlii the Traitor

Unit: Aanden Moon Druid, Aanden Venombow, Cave Bat, Dolorous Druid, Forest Crawler, Green Dragon, Green Drake,Green Hatchling, Hired Assassin, Horrid Marsh, Red Tide Blackblade, Slithering Horror, Venomous Hydra, Wretched Assassin

Spell: Choking Cloud, Deadly Arrow, Poison Cloud

Artifact: Gruesome Blade, Poison Sigil

Prevent Burn

Flaming enemies cannot inflict burn.
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: None

Artifact: Bellows


Any unit of the type specified, other than the card with the ability, receives a health bonus.
Hero: None

Unit: Distracting Imp, Earthworks, Field of Spears, Green Summoner, Mountain Lair, Orcish Palisade, Sarah, Treehold,Wandering Bard

Spell: None

Artifact: Wind Whistle


Gains 3 attack when health is 2 or less.
Hero: Crikeet, Raganash Enraged

Unit: Owlbear, Raging Hydra, Raging Knight, Raging Panda

Spell: None

Artifact: None

Rage Burn

Burning friends gain +3 attack for one turn.
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: Raging Flames

Artifact: None


Takes a random unit from the graveyard and puts in on the field
Hero: Cam, Zombie Master

Unit: Grave Spawn, Life Trapper

Spell: None

Artifact: None


Reclaim takes a card from the graveyard and returns it to the staging area
Hero: Arugi the Digger, Gwyn Lightbringer

Unit: Beastcaller Shaman, Blue Summoner, Grave Binder

Spell: Recycle

Artifact: Battle Horn, Corpse Candle, Dawnward Sextant


If an ability is used on a card with Reflect, the damage will be "reflected" back, dealing damage to the caster
Hero: Spellbinder Batu

Unit: Estian Magebreaker, Mirror Contraption, Polished Golem, Spellwarden

Spell: None

Artifact: None


Like heal, regenerate regenerates damage equal to the ability's name
Hero: Argol the Risen, Gorfang Trollkin, Gorfang Trollking, Grovekeeper Dyrbral, Ririk, Dark Champion

Unit: Aanden Moon Druid, Aanden Stalwart, Aanden Warden, Captive Snow Troll, Cave Troll, Cinder Troll, Dirty Rotten Zombie, Festering Troll, Flesh Golem, Raging Hydra, Snapping Hydra, Spellwarden, Stick Golem, Swamp Horror, Venomous Hydra, Vistav Trollget, Wall of Bones, Werewolf, Wretched Wanderer, Zombie Berserker

Spell: None

Artifact: Chalice of Healing, Troll Blood Vial


Removes a card's ability
Hero: None

Unit: Giant Spider, Vistav Shaman

Spell: Ground, Windstorm

Artifact: None


A card in the graveyard is returned to play.
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: Change the Guard, Necromancy, Resurrect

Artifact: None


When you attack a card with retaliate you will take damage equal to the retaliate number
Hero: Adamans Firehand, Blademaster Wilaren, Ular the Mighty

Unit: Aanglor Bladesman, Aanglor High Guard, Blade Barrier, Bone Chainer, Cultist of Grymish, Cultist of Kulnar, Dangerous Path, Estian Fighter, Estian Skullcrusher, Estian Warlord, Hired Pit Fighter, Red Tide Ambusher, Red Tide Chieftain, Wall of Bones, Wall of Souls, Wall of Spears

Spell: None

Artifact: Deadly Poniard


Rush is one of the best ability's in the game, it decreases the ready of a card, allowing it to come out sooner
Hero: Badial, Slavedriver Gargurl, Wildcaller Bearsong

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Aanden Battle Fort, Aanglor Squire, Horsebarn, Red Summoner, Red Tide Taskmaster, Vistav Yeti Trainer

Spell: Battle Preparations, Charge, Timeshift

Artifact: Bat Whistle, Slavedriver Whip


Targets a card with the highest ready value in the opponent's staging area, sending it to the graveyard.
Hero: None

Unit: None

Spell: Sabotage

Artifact: None


Performs an ability when the card leaves play for the graveyard.
Hero: Lysandri Resistant

Unit: Cursing Shaman, Hellfire Mage, Ill-Fated Warrior, Life Trapper, Vengeful Mage, Voidclaw

Spell: None

Artifact: None


Reduces the other units direct attack power each turn the sapper makes a successful attack.
Hero: Elderash, Lich King, Lady of Shadows, Skirm the Punisher

Unit: Icebow Archer, Liege of Aradaan, Souldrain Imp, Succubus, Tattered Wraith, Twilight Warrior, Vistav Iceblade, Wailing Ghost

Spell: Beacon of Light, Rust, Shrink, Weaken

Artifact: Blade of Weakness


Will deal enough damange to kill a card with a certain property like an attack value (Giant) or a faction.
Hero: Crikeet, Delnor Giantkiller, Jorja

Unit: Aanden Orcblade, Cerebrus, Dwarven Berserker, Dwarven Warrior, Norag Hunter, Storm Giant

Spell: None

Artifact: Dragonslayer's Sword

Sneak Attack

Sneak attack increases the base damage of a card on it first turn on the field.
Hero: None

Unit: Aanglor Lancer, Faithful Silverback, Hired Bully, Red Tide Scout, Red Tide Spearman, Snow Leopard, Twilight Warrior,Two-Headed Giant

Spell: None

Artifact: None


Snipe targets the weakest of your enemy's cards and tries to take it out, handy in a tight situation.
Hero: None

Unit: Aanglor Skirmisher, Bog Wisp, Cackling Imp, Estian Partisan, Estian Sniper, Ghost Hound

Spell: Demonic Gaze

Artifact: Aanden Longbow


Spearhead units gain damage for every unit you have in play.
Hero: Lord Darius

Unit: Aanglor Legionnaire, Bladeknight Captain, Hired Brute

Spell: None

Artifact: None

Swap Morale

Swap morale with your opponent.
Hero: None

Unit: Twilight Liege

Spell: None

Artifact: None


When attacking an archer, units with trample do double damage
Hero: Arlen, Silver Knight, Knight-Captain Alric

Unit: Aanden Burrower, Aanden Rider, Aanglor Knight, Aanglor Lancer, Aanglor Rider, Dark Horseman, Decayed Knight,Decaying Behemoth, Flaming Behemoth, Frozen Behemoth, Heavy Cavalry, Hired Bandit, Pegasus Rider, Unicorn Maiden

Spell: None

Artifact: None


75% chance to cause an enemy to lose its next turn
Hero: Darius the Cur, Lady Raiven, Nightprowler Silven

Unit: Aanden Burrower, Aanden Ranger, Basilisk, Cavetrap Spider, Dangerous Path, Estian Ranger, Estian Trapper,Hypnotic Imp, Mesmerizing Imp, Vistav Snow Trapper

Spell: Entangle

Artifact: None


Returns an enemy to the staging area.
Hero: None

Unit: Dwarven Theologian, Elvish Voidwalker, Jealous Imp, Void Hound, Void Trapper, Voidclaw

Spell: Unsummon

Artifact: Holy Symbol


Randomly whips one beast unit, giving it + 1 attack and -1 health.
Hero: Aradaan Flametongue, Melgor the Vicious, Melgor Triumphant

Unit: Black Summoner, Red Tide Beastslaver, Vistav Yeti Trainer

Spell: Fervor

Artifact: None


Whirlwind attacks the enemy in front of you, and on each side
Hero: Glugar Half-Giant

Unit: Baanur Swordsman, Bladeknight Captain, Dervish of Kulnar, Knight of Blades, Raging Knight

Spell: None

Artifact: Skarg's Axe


A wounded enemy loses the ability to regenerate or be healed.
Hero: None

Unit: Chilling Wight, Dolorous Archer, Dolorous Druid, Vampire, Vampire Spawn

Spell: Call of Blood

Artifact: Wounding Blade


Zap randomly hits an enemy doing damage
Hero: Archmage Valenti, Batu the Lorekeeper, Lysandri Axecaster, Lysandri Resistant, Spellbinder Batu, Varu Blackrobe,Zarin Boltcaller

Unit: Aanden Stormcaller, Blade Mage, Estian Battlemage, Estian Mage, Estian Magebreaker, Faithful Mage, Hired Stormbolter, Silvintri Loremaster

Spell: Ball Lightning, Lightning Storm, Magic Missile, Zap

Artifact: Codex Tempest, Lightning Sigil