Friday, October 15, 2010

Pocket Windows Installer Tutorial

 Download software pack (Komku-SP-usb.exe - Download) 1.47MB
Mirror: Megaupload

Install Komku-SP-usb.exe
insert Windows XP CD to your CD/DVD ROM
Insert your USB Flash Drive.
Locate folder C:\Komku\PeToUSB\
double click PeToUSB.exe

Destination Drive : select USB Removable
check on Enable Disk Format
check on Quick Format
check on Enable LBA (FAT 16x)
Drive label : (whatever you want)
then click Start

Open Command Prompt
type this cd\ and press Enter
then type cd komku\bootsect and press Enter
type bootsect /nt52 X: 
                                                *Xis the drive letter for your USB Flash Drive
press Enter
result... "Successfully updated filesystem bootcode. Bootcode was succesfully updated on all targeted volumes." 
type this cd..
press Enter
type cd usb_prep8
press Enter
type usb_prep8
press Enter
Press any key to continue...
usb_prep8 welcome screen will appear

type then press Enter...
"Browse For Folder" window will appear, select your CD/DVD drive and click OK

type and press Enter
Enter Target USB-Drive Letter
type and press Enter to make new temporary image with XP LocalSource and copy it to USB Flash Drive
type Y and press Enter
press any key to continue
a couple of yes to click and finally your done
your USB Flash Drive is ready
boot form your USB Flash Drive....
and select "TXT Mode Setup Windows XP, Never unplug USB-Drive Until After Logon"

once text mode setup is complete, computer will restart....
this time select "GUI Mode setup Windows XP, Continue Setup + Start XP"

Windows XP Installed!!!

*note: Pocket Windows Installer is for mobo with usb boot support only