Tuesday, November 9, 2010

X-Factor #69 Pages 2-3

The Original Comic Book Artwork
Whilce Portacio  from
X-Factor #69 Pages 2-3
I am looking for the ORIGINAL black & white comic book artwork by Whilce Portacio for the 2-page spread shown here from X-Factor #69, pages 2-3. The inker was not specifically listed for individual pages so I can't be sure who it was. 

This original comic artwork was created in the early 1990s for Marvel Comics' X-Factor series and includes the characters Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Archangel, and Jean Grey.
I'm offering both a Finder's Fee and a straight out Offer.
$250 - Finder's Fee available to anyone who can help me locate this piece of original artwork
$4000 - My current Purchase Offer is available to anyone in exchange for the original art to this 2 page spread. I would also consider trade of other artwork from my personal collection.

Contact me at rabidferret@hotmail.com

Thanks! - Jason Gerstein