Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Need For Speed World Import Tuner Event


This is for all Import Fans. Show off your car at the Badrock Geophysical Observatory (BGO). 

We are organizing a big Import Tuner Meeting in Need For Speed World on the 6th of August. This is probably one of the first big meetings just for Import Tuners. We will be doing a photoshooting, a massive cruise along the Highway and several Race Events. If this works out well, we will be holding Import Tuner Meetings on a regulary base. So dont miss the fun. 

Here is a little overview of what we are doing: 
  • Photoshooting at the beginning of the Event
  • Massive Cruise along the Highway (Silverton - Palmont)
  • Race Events
  • Cruising back to the BGO
The Event will be organized in Channel 33, so make sure you join this channel. English is required! We expect that the Event will take at least 2 hours. In addition make sure you bring your import tuner. Other cars then Import Tuners are excluded from this event. So leave your Lamborghini and Lotus at home. 

"The Import Scene or Import Racing Scene or Tuner Scene refers to the subculture that revolves around modifying imported brand cars (commonly referred to as imports), especially those of Japanese brands, for street racing."

Were: Badrock Geophysical Observatory (BGO) 
When: 6th August, 8pm GMT (1pm PST) 
Channel: 33