Monday, October 17, 2011

The Making of The RTR-X

RTR has teamed up with Need for Speed to build the 1969 Mustang RTR-X. The RTR-X is a one-off project with that will debut at SEMA 2010.The final product will be a unique classic street\drift machine that will be street-driven and flogged on the track. The RTR-X will be featured in upcoming Need for Speed video games for the world to enjoy driving, as well as star in multiple film projects in 2011.

Dynacorn 1969 Ford Mustang fastback body
Art Morrison custom front subframe
Maier Racing cantilever push\pull-rod rear shock setup
Steen Chassis designed and fabricated three-link rear with watts link

2011 Ford 5.0L V8
Kinsler individual throttle body fuel injection
Motec M800 engine management

Drive train
Ford Racing Boss 302 R1 six-speed transmission
Exedy Racing clutch
9" full floater rear with a 4.10 R&P

Wheels & Tires
18x10 three-piece Work Meisters front
18x12 three-piece Work Meisters rear
Falken RT-615K 255/40/18 front
Falken RT-615K 295/40/18 rear

Designed by
Andy Blackmore
Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Built by
Steen Chassis
Twins Turbo

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