Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pacquiao-Marquez III: Many faces of comments

I'm happy for Manny. For the Filipino people as well... But it's not a fulfilling victory. -- Gilbert Remulla

Marquez was really amazing. I’m sure a lot of people thought he won this fight. He gave Manny a very difficult battle. -- Julius Babao

Had Manny lost officially, I still would've been proud of him. He's a national hero ¬nothing can take that away from him - not even a loss. -- Michelle Ventura

So sorry, but national pride can't prod me to rejoice. Marquez won this, hands down. Not by a lot, but I really think he won. -- Inday Varona

Surprised and amazed that even Manny's fans think he should have lost the fight. Proof that the Pinoys’ sense of fairness trumps emotion. -- Darwin Mariano

Tough decision but congrats to Manny. Marquez fought hard smart fight. Come out from hiding Floyd, you're out of excuses! -- Sonny Angara

Crowd was booing doesn't mean result was wrong. Audience booed me every week on America's Got Talent, I was usually right.”  -- Pierce Morgan (CNN)

Manny's victory was at best pyrrhic... Malugkot na tagumpay. -- Jim Paredes

Just in case you have not seen it yet--Juan Manuel marquez dirty boxing tick exposed, stepping on Manny’s foot several times during the fight! Watch the video. -- Sonny Guillen Calasara
Sana Manny said, "Thank you for believing I won..but I believe Marquez fought well...he deserves another fight".  THIS IS A CONTROVERSIAL fight! It seems to me...Manny won for another fight in May! Don't you think?  -- Karen Davila

Bob Arum sees another money-making opportunity in calling for a possible Pacquiao-Marquez 4 in May 2012 -- Nato Reyes

Let's put it this way-- each of them should have knocked out the other for a convincing victory. Winning by points always controversial.” -- Rom

The fact Pacquiao did not dominate the fight just as he did in his previous fights does not mean he lost and JMM deserves the W. Feeling that Manny lost it is intuition-based. That is why there is a point-system to follow in boxing. -- Joseph Nico Cando

Too many issues for Manny this past months and for sure somehow those affected his performance...  -- Ice G

Too many distractions, infidelity issues or Manny is just off or overconfident Manny? -- Alvin Pillas

SUS!Suddenly everybody knows d rules of Boxing!That's why there are JUDGES! No Court of Appeals here! Behave na! -- Aileen Nyulaszi

Sana tabla na lang yung laban para hindi kahiya hiya tayong mga Pinoy. Parang issue na mandaraya tayo. Pero wala silang magagawa kasi judges ang nag desisyon. Kaya huwag nilang sisihin si Pacman. -- Reymond De Feo

Marquez could've won if he didn't "freeze the ball" in the 11/12 because of information  from his corner that he was winning. -- Tim Batang

Manny's winning was not his fault, it was the judges decisions so haters get over it " -- lovepinkgie

Loosen up people, bottom line is everybody was a winner. They all made the big bucks at your expense. -- Mike G.

Problem of PACMAN now--  expectations too high..anything less than a KO is a disappointment. -- Maverick

Move-on guys! You're not the ONE who counted the scores so don't assume that you know who really WON! Give PACQUIAO a break! -- Jonathan Magbitang

Once again boxing politics is under scrutiny & the national pride of 2 nations distracted. Lets abide by d decision & move on. -- Rizaldy Rumbaoa

Boxing is not all about sport, it is more in gambling. -- Adrian Josh Catedral

Tantanan na natin si Manny. Nanalo sya. Sorry na lang daw kung walang knockdown at KO/TKO. Mas maingay pa tayo kay Marquez.” -- Tonyo Cruz

Huhuhuhu.. Tenkyuberimats Lord..... ets ofacial.... PANALO SI MANNY!!! Sabi ko sa inyo.. Mirakol ang kailangan... Mirakol -- @OfacialDionisia

~Gel Santos Relos