Saturday, April 5, 2014

Discovery Channel's Manhunt: "Philippines - Escape the Jungle"

Joel faces off against the Philippines Army Scout Rangers. The elite group has 48 hours to track, hunt and capture Joel before he escapes the dense Philippines jungle.


For his challenge in the Philippines, Joel begins his race to freedom from the top of Mount Santa Rita - visible in the distance - and then across the dense jungle and wet lowlands of central Luzon.
This region was once part of the vast U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay used by the United States as a major military installation for much of the 20th century. 


Army Scout Rangers check their weapons before heading out on their mission.
These elite Special Forces soldiers specialize in anti-guerrilla warfare and are experts in jungle tracking and pursuit.


An Army Scout Ranger truck carries troops that can be quickly used to get around Joel to cut off his escape.
Numbers and mobility are the two great advantages shared by most hunter forces, although the lean, mean Scout Rangers only use two trucks - their only extra assets - in their pursuit of Joel.