Monday, April 7, 2014

Need for Speed World: Kawashi & LamboGTRLM Car Setups (Nexuo Edit)

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Notes from the Creator:
It’s a likelihood I’ll get a lot of hate for this, but it has to be said: THERE IS NO UNIVERSAL BEST SETUP. Even the parts with seemingly piss-poor stat bonuses have a use for your car, although it is indeed true that some parts are simply better than others. Which part is better depends solely on the specs and feel of your car. And yes, I’m talking to the people who use the same monotonous Blue - Blue - Green - Red - Red - Red for all or nearly all of their cars. Same applies to those who have parts installed for ALL aspects for one brand. I’ll also say this right here and right now. Considering the ass-backwardsness of the physics of World, this guide is still, like other guides in gaming, subjective to inaccuracies. Such is human nature and all that. And for that reason, I ask that if and when you do find an inaccuracy in this guide that you tell the guide creators and/or contributors so we can double-check our research.

Performance Part Guide
CREDITS: Kawashi LamboGTR Nexuo